Copyright 1991 Elyse M. Grasso

This text is intended for mature readers





(A First Tale of Twilight)



Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 1 Midnight Reflections and Morning Discussions

Chapter 2 Prince and Politicians

Chapter 3 Change and Uncertainty

Chapter 4 Dispatches and Decrees

Chapter 5 Errands and Magics

Chapter 6 Reports and Recompense

Chapter 7 Neighbors and Guests

Chapter 8 Honor and Duty

Chapter 9 Swords and Sorcery

Chapter 10 Valor and Death

Chapter 11 Friendship and Healing

Chapter 12 Gossip and Opinions

Chapter 13 Festivals and Families

Chapter 14 Nightmares and Night Magics

Chapter 15 Visions and Memories

Chapter 16 Liberations and Appearances

Chapter 17 Conclusions and Arrivals

Warning: Formatting of Appendices is messy and Maps are large.

Appendix 1 Acknowledgements

Appendix 2 Calendar

Appendix 3 Characters

Appendix 4 Places

Appendix 5 Home Provinces Map

Appendix 6 Provinces Map

Appendix 7 Regions Map

Appendix 8 The Estate Map